Saturday, November 14, 2009

Women play videogames?

I've been watching an Assassin's Creed (AC) playthrough, and so on Wednesday decided to watch the mini-movie, "Assassin's Creed: Lineage", which ties in to the new game coming out on the 17th. I thought it was well done for a promo. The backgrounds looked a bit too CG-y, but I liked how the fights were choreographed to look like fights in-game.

It made me wonder, though, of what the target and actual demographics are for the game. It played on SpikeTV at midnight, and yeah, that should say it all. Every commercial break included an ad for Extenze. A majority of the commercial breaks included an ad for Burger King, with Girls Gone Wild in third place.

Perhaps SpikeTV was the only channel with an available and/or affordable time slot. But the ads really made me feel left out. Surely women play such games, right?

Which leads me to another thought--do women do voice-over narration in movies? The last one I remember was in "Madeline." Don LaFontaine, of course, was the narration master. Did that influence the preference for male narrators, or a male narrators preferred because they sound more authoritative?

My last observation: Since I have not had a TV for the past two years, I have used my computer to watch videos. This means that when I do watch TV, I find myself periodically reaching for the remote--so that I can jiggle it to prevent the screen saver from coming on.


Marta Gwyn said...

YES!!! Women do play videogames. I know what you mean about SpikeTV though. I remember feeling that way when ST:TNG first started running on Spike. Back then I thought "Surely they know women are into Star Trek too, right?" As soon as I have the means I know that I will be purchasing a Wii as well as one other gaming system (torn between the XBox and the PS3) because my time on Facebook proves that I need to let my inner gamegirl back out to play again.

BTW, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the end of this post because I sometimes reach for the TV remote and wonder why I can't switch over to check Facebook or Gmail while I'm watching videos on my TV before I catch myself. LOL