Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm stuck in my own blog.

I've been trying to catch up, writing about my Christmas vacation.  It's been a tough process.  In the most general sense, I had a wonderful time back in Metro for Christmas break.  It was difficult for me to adjust back to being in University Town.  I would like to add more detail to it, to make a fuller description of my Christmas break.  I've been trying to write: this is what happened, this is how I felt.  However, the last two weeks of last year, I lived through one version of events, and my husband lived through another.  The facts, we can agree on--we went here, we did this--what those events, meant, however, is up for dispute.

I can write my own interpretation, but reconciling the two interpretations is not so easy.  I suppose that since this blog is my forum, I wouldn't be blamed for presenting only my version.  But I want the history to be correct!

So for now, Christmas break did not happen.


And, although this evening I found the penny knocked from the window sill, I put it back.  So, the penny remains.