Saturday, September 4, 2010


I enjoy wearing gloves, and wear them in both the summer and the winter.  When I was thinking about the subject of my blog, I thought at first that it should be about gloves.  The need is out there for a fashion- oriented glove blog.  Whenever I looked for sites on gloves, I always got sent to fetish sites.  I actually like gloves as fashion accessories.  One can find fashion sites devoted to shoes or purses, why not gloves?

I also strongly believe that gloves should once again become a summer accessory, not only a winter accessory.  I want to be able to wear gloves in summer and appear normal, and NOT like a hypochondriac, thank you very much!

There is not much I can do to change fashion.  But, I can add to the interwebs photos of my very small collection.

At the time this photo was taken (January), these were the gloves that were in my car:
From left to right: 1) Black velvet 40 gram Thinsulate insulation by Croft&Barrow, 2) Animal print with fleece lining by Isotoner, 3) Periwinkle cotton equestrian by Foxgloves (enlarge to see the gripper nubs).

Gloves that were in storage at the time (summer gloves) :  
(I thought I'd include my embroidered hankies, too) Top row: Double knit nylon gloves, in white, cream, and white again, all by the same unknown manufacturer
Bottom row, L to R: 1) Unlined black leather by Preston &York, 2) Black leather, cashmere lined, by Grandoe, 3) vintage wedding gloves

Here is a closeup of the vintage wedding gloves, so you can see the lace detail on the side and the folds along the wrist:

Today (September), the three gloves in my car are the unlined black leather, one pair of the white double nylon, and the vintage gloves.  I've really loved the vintage gloves this year.  The nylon gloves are slippery, plus they catch and run.  I bought 4 pairs of the nylon gloves last summer because you rarely see summer gloves, and they were on sale.  The pair I wore last year I threw out at the end of the season, due to wear and tear (hence only three pairs of nylon gloves in the pictures).  The vintage gloves are holding up well.  They'll last another year, hopefully two.  It is a little sad though: I'm taking someone's wedding gloves, and demoting them and wearing them as everyday wear.   

These are the gloves I purchased at the end of the winter sales last year.
L to R:  1) Brown suede with silk lining by Guder Gloves, 2 & 3) Ruffled wool gloves by Talbot's

All three were purchased with the idea of wearing them in the summer.  The long gloves would be worn with a tank top that has a brown paisley print on it, and the wool gloves were light colored enough to wear with summer fashions.  Wool, afterall, is moisture wicking and breathable.  I ended up not wearing any of these gloves this season.  I was too timid to wear the long gloves out--it's something of a statement to wear long gloves with a sleeveless outfit, even if you're going to an opera or a fancy dinner.  Wearing long gloves with just a t-shirt and shorts--I'm not sure I'm ready to go there yet.  I think it would be a good look--long gloves look good with sleeveless/strapless dresses, so it should be fine with a sleeveless shirt, too, but I am afraid people will look at me.  As for the other two gloves, I just preferred to wear the white gloves I had in the car, rather than dig out the Talbot's gloves.  

Here are my winter gloves.  I typically wear one of these pairs when there is snow on the ground (Nov - March)
L to R: 1) Archangel by Manzella, 2) LL Bean down gloves, 3) GORE-TEX Thinsulate (150 grams) gloves by Cabela's.   

Finally, my coat gloves.  Each coat or jacket that I own gets its own pair of gloves.

Top, L to R: 1) Brown velvet, 40 gram Thinsulate by Cejon, 2) Black leather, Thinsulate lined, by Wilson's Leather, 3) Lavender washable suede gloves, fleece-lined, by Isotoner
Bottom: Navy Isotoner fleece lined gloves

So there they are.  And if anyone out there reads this and decides to start a glove fashion glove blog, let me know!