Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy season

It's begun to rain in Universtiy Town. Summer is close. I remember when I first came to University Town, it was late summer, and every time I needed to go out, it was raining. It was for the summers that I purchased a pair of "Aqua socks" type shoes for walking to school.

I apologize for not posting last week. I was working on a report. This week is not looking much's the last week of school. I've got two reports and two presentations due this week.

Around April 9th or so, I started working on the cleaning and retouching of my handbag. I've got it cleaned with the Leatherique, and now I'm working on recoloring the discolored spots--I purchased Tarrago shoe polish in "Pastel Blue." I never realized they sold shoe polish in so many colors, but am very happy that they do.

Last week, buffing the polish into my handbag was something of stress relief. If I needed a few minutes break, I took a microfiber cloth, and just buffed. The shoe polish smelled very much like a strong hand cream, not like traditional shoe polish.

I'm still trying to get the color in some of the spots just right. I purchased a stamping ink--Colorbox pigment dye--from Michael's, and now I'm trying to find Memories brand dye ink. I've been taking pictures. I plan to put up the entire process in one post when I'm done. I'm happy the way things are turning out, and I'm happy that it's something of a long process--it gives me a little something to do, something to keep me interested, something to learn. I mean, there is probably an easier and faster way to do what I'm doing, but I like the feeling of accomplishment as I muddle along.

I did find this guide helpful: Restoring Damaged Leather Handbags & Products To Use. The guide recommended a shoe polish brand and a seller--I went to the seller's store, and though I didn't find the brand of shoe polish that was recommended, it was how I found out about the Tarrago brand of polish.

I received a very sweet anniversary card from my husband yesterday.  It's going into my permanent collection.

Other than that, I got a wireless keyboard: the Logitech K350. I'm using it now, with my laptop, and I'm finding it to be lightweight (the keyboard is resting on my lap, while the laptop is on a stand) and the ergonomic "wave" design to be comfortable.

Yesterday, I was making spaghetti, and accidentally knocked the box off the counter. It made a beautiful mess.

I thought it looked structural:

From underneath:
And the same, taken with flash:

The penny remains.


Nojh said...

Ahh! That is the keyboard that I use at home. I find the waveform adequate but I still prefer the more split form keyboards, which are getting harder to find these days.

And I agree. The way those noodles fell is very interesting! Especially from the ground view.

Teashell said...

Years ago, I used a Microsoft split keyboard. The open area in the middle and the space bar never felt quite "right" to me, although I did appreciate the more natural hand position, in general, and had no problems transitioning to it. Microsoft still makes several models of split keyboard.

My life is so dull I take pictures of spilled noodles. Yay me.

Nojh said...

You're eye for the artistic is so refined that you can see beauty in spilled noodles where others wouldn't.

Its all perspective.