Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy cheerful music?

Last night I went to bed excited about writing today.  I had several ideas about my blog post, the first, besides the photo, some commentary about the photo, about how planning ahead for these photos has made me see things differently.  How, I'm trying to see everything as a possible photo op, and how even as I try to be more aware of the things around me, I feel that I am growing more oblivious.  I thought, too that if that subject was too short, I would write about my iPhone, as it and I did not "meet cute", but instead our initial relationship was something of a comedy.

Instead, I'm writing about feelings, about how people pick up emotions from those around them (articles about the phenomenon here and here).  I was feeling fine until about an hour ago, but I've talked since then, and now, here I am, trying to work my feelings out by writing.  I'm an internalizer of feelings.  My fellow converser is an emoter, one whom did NOT have a good day, and whom I think highly of.  And now, I'm pulling Kleenex out of the box.  I suppose the problem is that my converser was the only human interaction I had all day, and I should get out more.  

I tried to counteract this by seeing what cheerful thing online might lift my spirits.  Hm...perhaps something about the Disney and Marvel merger?  Honestly, though, I don't follow either company or their products too closely, so nothing I found was particularly funny.  Kingdom Hearts characters are quite cute--but I've never played the game.  And I wonder if people are talking about it at Dragon*Con, or if its all old news by now.

I can lift my mood by music perhaps?  I would have liked to see something with a music video with happy people dancing or whatnot, something besides the obviously "Shiny Happy People", but I didn't find anything in a quick search.  Some of the Weird Al stuff qualifies, if not actually portraying happy people in the videos, but they do make me smile.  But what is funny and happy to *listen* to?  Maybe not based on the lyrics, but MUSIC that makes you almost want to laugh?  Some of Beethoven's stuff is really lighthearted, but I'm not sure about pop music.  Billie Jean is funny because MJ sounds like he has hiccups, and it was pointed out to me that George Michael in "I Want Your Sex" sounds constipated, so now I laugh when I hear it (holding it on the inside, of course (^_-)).  So other musical suggestions? 

Now to my snap.  What is this adorable metal bulldog?  Why, it's the hood ornament of a Redneck Rolls, of course!