Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prepped for flying

I apologize for being a day late on this post, as well. I will be on break on Friday, though, so things should continue on time.

This post will take exactly 15 minutes to write--unlike the others, which have been taking close to 30 minutes to write--because I have to leave in 15 minutes to catch my flight.

I am behind on my actual school writing, so I'll be taking that with me on the trip. Otherwise, things are going well. I've taken out the trash, washed the dishes (I don't have a dishwasher), and currently the fan is blowing to get my apartment aired out.

The flu has been a concern at school. They've put up these stands of hand sanitizer dispensers in the lobbies and at least some of the classrooms. The department office even used packing tape to tape a big bottle of the regular pump stuff to the wall just outside the door to the department office. So far, the people I've been in contact with have all seemed healthy, so I'm not particularly concerned. I'll be getting both flu shots in the near future.

I'm excited about the trip. Hopefully, I'll have a good photo or two from it, and I'll have only good things to write about the flight. I'll also be flying through Dulles for the first time.

I also need to learn how to send posts to this blog through a mobile device. I tried blogging with my iPhone through the regular web interface, and it wouldn't let me do so.

The weather at my destination is supposed to be hot and rainy. Of course, the weather here at home now is sunny and warm.

School in general is going well. We got graded on our first presentation, and I got a low 'A'. Apparently it was not universal, because I heard others in the class complaining of getting 'B'.

For entertainment on the flight, I've got papers to read. Which is actually, a very good way to spend a flight.

You can tell I'm out of things to write, because all of my paragraphs are only one or two sentences long. This means that I have nothing coherent, and am just keeping to the rules of writing whatever pops into my head.

Also, I'm happy because this is my 5th week of posting. They say that for things to become a habit, it takes 4 weeks, right? I'm not sure if I need to have 28 posts for this to be a habit (which I am still short of), or if this counts. In any case, I'm happy to have reached this milestone. I might actually let others know of this blog now.

Have a happy rest of the week.