Friday, March 12, 2010

February photo dump

The blog's name has become a misnomer:  I've been posting much less frequently than twice a week.  I've been called on that.  And I'd like to apologize to my readers.  I have an excuse--my classes this semester have a much heavier homework load than last semester.  That, and this blog has in a way accomplished what it's purpose was--to help me write.  When I think, I ask, "How would I say it if I were writing it?"  I used to think as writing when I was in high school. I framed my life as a story, and I tried to write it as I went along living it.  At some point I stopped writing it, just lived it, I guess, in a world without words, just images and experiences.  Once I started blogging, it forced me to start thinking about my life as a written story again.

But those are excuses, and I don't much care for excuses.  Instead of twice a week, I'll try posting once a week until the semester ends.

So now, photos.  Click to enlarge.
On campus, video game art done on a window, with Post-It notes.  It was snowing when I took the photo, so sorry for the snowflakes:

A close-up of the Spelunker guy:
Anyone know if the drawings at the bottom are original or if they also reference a video game?

Then, on the edge of campus, someone decided to create a bunch of snow people.
First, a teacher followed by students holding a rope (an more snowkids in the background):

A snowman in a headdress:

Then a couple of snowpeople who met violent ends:
And a shark attack:

The penny remains.


Nojh said...

To answer your question yes those pictures are from a video game.

The game is called Castle Crashers. It is a side scrolling beat 'em up game known for exceptionally exaggerated jokes and lots of fart humor.

I like the shark and the dead snow man.

Teashell said...

Thanks for identifying the drawings.